Thursday, 1 May 2014

Wax Resist Geometric Design

On my latest trip to the Scrap Store there was a box of thin white candles. I picked up a handful as I thought they'd be perfect for wax resist.

I'm still loving the tonal geometric trend so I decided to do something with that.
I started by drawing lines all over a piece of watercolour paper to make lots of triangles.
Woodstock ruler!

I had to keep tilting the paper to catch the light so I could see the lines I'd made.

Using my water colour paints I filled in the triangles. I painted right up to the wax line which stopped me from going any further.

I really like the delicate look of water colour paints, and I don't mind the jagged edges of the triangles from the wax line.

Inspired by Kaelah's geometric wall I added glitter to some of the triangles simply by applying PVA glue with a paint brush and sprinkling on a thick covering of fine glitter.

And then I made two more!
These are actually postcards - they have the lines printed on the back - so I might try to sell them at my next craft fair.

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