Thursday, 29 May 2014

Little Guitar

I made a tiny guitar! My secret?

A novelty ice cube tray.
I was gifted this ice cube tray many years ago and only used it a few times. It came with plastic stirrers in the shape of guitar necks and then the ice is the body of the guitar.
Anyway, I thought this would be a perfect plaster mould so I tried it out.  

I mixed up some plaster and, not very neatly, put it in the mould. Once it had started setting I put a pen in the middle to make the hole in the guitar.

Getting the plaster out of the mould was not very easy. As you can see the neck was very brittle.

Using a trick I learned at a model making course I fixed the neck by sticking the bits together with super glue and sprinkling on bicarbonate of soda which makes the glue dry immediately and bulks it out.

After I painted the whole thing and added a painted cardboard fret board I stuck a tiny wooden peg to the back of the guitar head...

...making it into a photo holder!

Love photo holders as much as I do? Check out this dog, cat, tortoise, owl, another dog, an elf and Taylor Swift.

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