Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cross Stitch Heart Box

As previously mentioned, I love the papier mache box section in Hobbycraft, but I can't buy any more until I do something with the stash I have.
I remembered seeing an image of a similar box which had been stitched through - but it was so long ago I can't remember where to link to - which is how I got this cross-stitch idea.

I've got square, oval, circle, and hexagon shaped boxes but I thought a cross-stitched heart on a heart shaped box would be cute. It would have been even cuter in February...
I started by googling 'cross-stitch heart pattern' and printing one out the same size as the lid of my box. I placed the pattern on the lid and poked a hole through the corners of the squares.

Using a double strand of red embroidery thread I got cross-stitching, something I haven't done for years.
The back was kind of messy, as it can get with cross-stitch, so I cut out a piece of card and stuck it to the inside of the lid.

To finish the box I stuck a piece of matching red felt to the inside of the box.

I love that this was such a quick and easy project.
Any other ideas of how to decorate my little boxes?

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