Tuesday, 1 April 2014


   Since I re-named/re-designed my blog I needed business cards and things to match.
   Even though I'm working with three different names - Always Arty blog, The Craft Arty Kid Etsy shop (Always Arty wasn't available on Etsy. Annoying!) and my own name for my online art portfolio - I've tried to make everything match a bit more.
   One of the main design features is the pink circle with a name in the middle. This comes from my art website and was something that my graphics student housemate put together for me.

   I print my artist business cards professionally but for my craft/blog/Etsy business cards I choose to print them myself. All the information I needed to show fit on one side so I thought it would be fun to add something to the back. I got two sheets of white card and got all abstract painty on them. Once they'd dried I printed my business cards on the blank side. They went through the inkjet printer fine.

   When cutting the sheets into individual cards it was fun to turn over each card and see how the painting had been cropped.

   I love every one is different and the painting is a little surprise when the card is turned over.

   I've also made stickers to give out free at craft fairs, put in Etsy orders and maybe leave in random places.
I used the images from my Colour Me Magnets and just added my Etsy shop url at the bottom. I printed the images on A4 sticky label sheets and once they were cut out I added a little message on the back.

   The last things I made were some small circle stickers to put on the envelopes I send my Etsy orders in so the recipient knows exactly what the package is when it arrives.

   Now I just need some Etsy sales so I can start using these things!


  1. They are such cute business cards. All so professional !
    Eb x

  2. Great job on branding! Looking at your great ideas is inspiring me to dig out my shop stuff. :) I wish you luck with your first sale :D

  3. Great job on customizing the business cards you use for your art store. It's good that you kept the artist business cards professional and the craft cards crafty. It will give the recipient of your cards a taste of the type of art you do. Also, I love the pink palette, Lisa. Good job! :)

    Laverne Mitchell @ Digital Sales Development


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