Thursday, 10 April 2014


I was recently in the bow making mood and created these three.

The fabric I used came from the Scrap Store and they really were small scraps. Just enough to make the bows.

 I've made them into hair clips with a simple barrette style clip attached on the back. 
   At the moment only the flowery one is for sale on Etsy as I didn't get round to taking photos of the other two in use before I got my hair cut. Now I'll have to wait until my sister or a long-haired friend is round.

Which fabric is your favourite?


  1. I'll be back next Friday, any specifically suited to a redhead? ;)

  2. They are so cute :)
    Eb x

  3. I love them all but the flowery one is definitely my favorite! Also I wanted to stop by and say thank you for leaving a comment on my blog (Running With A Glue Gun). I'm now following your blog through GFC :)


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