Sunday, 23 March 2014

This Week I...

...took my monthly trip to the Scrap Store with my Mum.
This is what I came away with, which includes rubber stamps, fabric paint, egg boxes (for school), and lots of bits of fabric. I'm really excited about that map print.

Our day of good finds continued with a trip to a local jumble sale. I spotted this wooden rack which is just what I'd been thinking of getting for displaying my smaller paintings at craft fairs. The woman at the jumble sold it to me for 30p! What a bargain!
I'm curious; do other countries have jumble sales? I'm talking people drop off unwanted items the morning of the sale, a team of volunteers sort through it and then people turn up to buy the stuff for ridiculously low prices. The sales round here are usually laid out with tables in the middle with clothes on, then other tables round the edge of the room (church hall, scout hut etc) with everything else on; books, games, toys, kitchen wares and all the other weird wonderfully random things people want to get rid of. When you spy something you want you ask a volunteer how much and they usually look at it and say something like, 'um...50p?' Sold!

At school this week I made cress heads with Class 1. This was my example and since there were some cress seeds leftover I planted some in my yoghurt pot. There's damp cotton wool inside and some of the seeds have already started to shoot!

   What did you get up to this week?

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  1. I remember making cress heads when I was that age ! Oh the excitement ! That map material looks so good. I am so jealous of the scrap store !
    Eb x


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