Thursday, 20 February 2014

Paintings for Sale

The following are some paintings I don't think I've shown before as they were made pre-blog.

This was painted in 2008 I think. It's of the harbour of St. Gilles, Croix de Vie in France. I went on holiday there in 2007.
It's oil on card and is a lot rougher than the paintings I do now.
There are actually two versions of this painting in existence. The second was done a year later as part of the '20 Paintings' project I was set in my first term at university. It was the 'a painting done in less than an hour' painting. I did it with acrylic paint on the back of a sketch pad cover, if I remember rightly. It's now on display in my friend Stef's bedroom.

This one is also from 2008, but was done as part of my A level art work. I was doing a larger painting that feature a bunch of grapes so this was a prep painting.
Unlike most of my older paintings, there's nothing I would change/do better with this one. I'm still pretty amazed by it.

This painting, which I like to call the Elephant Desert, was done in my first term at university. As you can tell it's different to all my other paintings as it's somewhat imagined. 

It's still sort of based on a photograph. I was doing a little project on flint cobbles (cos that's fun...) and took photos of stones in a wall that I passed on my way to uni. This particular one looked like it had a picture in it, so I decided to paint that picture, and the Elephant Desert is what I came up with.

All these paintings, and more, are available to buy in my Etsy shop. Some are quite cheap so check them out. I'm trying to make space for newer paintings so I hope a few of these sell.

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  1. These are beautiful ! I love the harbour one the best. You have captured the sub reflecting on the water perfectly !
    Eb x


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