Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fabric Tissue Box Cover

Since starting my job as a teaching assistant in January I have ended up with a different cold every weekend.
And you know know what that means? I've been going through a lot of tissues.
But that's not what prompted me to make a tissue box cover. That was because I've recently moved my bedroom around a bit so now my tissue box is more on display.

I wanted to make a simple fabric cover and started by cutting apart a tissue box to get the pattern.
Yes, I use man-size tissues.

I cut the fabric to size and then sewed up the corners on the sewing machine.

I put the cover on the tissue box and to my surprise it fit first time.

After hemming the bottom of the cover I used the box as a guide for making the hole in the middle.

I decided on a diamond design for the hole where the tissues come out simply because I thought it would be easier to sew than an oval.

My tissue box now fits in nicely with the rest of my room, and I can easily take off the cover to put on the new box when this one is empty. Which considering I'm still sniffly and sneezy could be very soon.


  1. Awww hope you get better soon ! You just said in your last post how you were seeing the advantages of teaching. Now it seems you are seeing the disadvantages ! I love the tissue box cover though ! So cool !
    Eb x

  2. Such a great idea, love it when everything in a room is matching :)

  3. That's really cute! It's true that tissue boxes aren't very pretty on their own, but during certain seasons of the year, they are very necessary!


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