Thursday, 6 February 2014

Dolls House Refurbishment

This is one of the dolls houses from my Mum's school and she brought it home for a little refurb.
First it went to my Grandad's house so he could make all new furniture for it. He built the dolls house me and my sisters grew up with which you can see here.
Then my Mum put in new floors and I did the finishing touches.

I found a picture of Mr Tumble because my Mum's class watch Something Special a lot.
I put a copy of Constable's Hay Wain on the wall as a shout out to my Grandad because he has a print of that painting hanging in his house.

As I said, my Grandad made all the furniture but covered it all with fabric. Felt is best for this as it doesn't fray which is important when cutting such tiny pieces.

All I did for the bathroom was stick in a mirror, cut out a toilet seat and find some bathroom friendly images to stick on the walls.

You can't tell from this photo but my Grandad even put brightly coloured felt in the washing machine to make it look like clothes are going around inside.
I painted all the knobs and buttons on the appliances and found that fruit photo. It's all about promoting healthy eating.

I cut the mirror for the dresser and decorated the beds with this fun flower print felt. I used one piece per bed and put a fold in it to look like a duvet and pillow.
Then I put up Peppa Pig and One Direction posters cos that's what the kids are into these days.

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