Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Frame update

I've had this sand art thing for years. I don't even remember where I bought it from, I think it was on holiday somewhere. When it was new there was blue liquid in it and you would turn the frame to watch the sand fall through. I think it was meant to be calming. I thought it was pretty cool.
Anyway, over the years the liquid has dried up so it's become a bit redundant.
Until I had a really simple idea.

I decided to use the frame as a photo frame.
The most difficult part of this project was picking two photos I wanted to display. I settled on a photo of me and my friends at Disneyland, and for the other side me and my sisters in Central Park.

I just printed the photos to the size of the window and slotted them in with a bit of blu-tac so I can change them out when I feel like it.
I can guarantee that whenever my sister is over she'll flip the frame to the photo of her.

Have you made any simple changes lately?


  1. Great idea to re-purpose it for photographs!

  2. That's such a good idea. Only problem is you can't see them both at once ! But it makes it very easy to change I suppose !

    Eb x

  3. Such a great idea!! Way to be resourceful, pretty lady :) :)


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