Sunday, 1 December 2013

This Week I...

...have been preparing for my exhibition which goes up next week.
So much work!
When I'm earning the big bucks I'm going to employ someone to do all this and I'll just do the paintings.

On Saturday I had a table at my local Christmas Fayre.
I did quite well considering it was a community event with things like tombolas and raffles, as opposed to a craft fair.
The person who had the table next me didn't turn up so I was allowed to spread on to that table which was great.
My best seller was definitely the Christmas stockings. I've made so many!

Now that it's December are you getting into the Christmas spirit?
Does anyone have their trees up yet?


  1. I don't have mine up but I can't wait ! Pretty bogged down in work right now so it won't feel Christmassy till that's done and the tree is up ! Another week or so maybe ? Do you have yours up ! I wish I could come to your craft fairs. I would buy everything but you are too far away :( oh well.

    1. No I don't have the tree up yet - usually it goes up a week or two before Christmas. I think it'd loose it's specialness if it was up for ages before Christmas.
      And thank you - there is always my Etsy shop!

    2. Yeah :) I agree. Much to my disappointment my tree went up today however I suppose it is only about 2 weeks till Christmas ! I will have a look on your Etsy shop ! I often forget as I use the mobile version a lot :) Thanks ! I love your blog. One night I sat and read the whole thing from your first to your most recent post and it gave me so many ideas ! I would love to be a good blogger but I don't really have a specific interest. Plus everytime I have tried no one comments which gets a bit boring because I can't reply to anything. Any tips ? Thank you again !


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