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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Colour In Cards

For my friend Lizzi's birthday card this year (You know Lizzi. Helped me dye my hair? Yeah, her) I used the colour-in images I'd made previously. I stuck a box of crayons to the inside of the card with an additional orange crayon so she could colour in her hair.

When I told my sister about this, she wanted one too.
Her birthday is only a couple of weeks after Lizzi's so I got to work.

I used the same method as before - which you can read all about here - and used a photo taken off Facebook of my sister and her friends all costumed up.
The picture looked weirder with the faces drawn in, believe me.

And this is the finished card after it had been received and coloured in!


  1. This is so genius! I love this idea. I want to make them now.

    Amanda Rose

  2. hi,
    thank you for sharing such a beauty design with us.
    it's too good.


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