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Sunday, 28 July 2013

This Week I...

...went to see The World's End, the new Simon Pegg and Nick Frost film.
What makes this so special is that most of the movie was filmed in Letchworth, which is, like, the next town over from where I live. It's also where the Letchworth Arts Centre is (obviously...it's in the name) which is where I've volunteered/worked/interned for a while.
I saw a lot of the filming equipment/setting up when they were filming last winter, and a few people I know are extras in the film.

I saw the film at the Broadway Cinema in Letchworth, which is actually one of the locations used in the film; The Mermaid nightclub. They handed out these maps of the town which are replicas of the one used in the film.
Fun fact: the second to last pub, 'The Hole In The Wall', is actually the train station.
The screening had a special intro from Pegg and Frost and the director Edgar Wright which was very exciting. Simon Pegg has 'a lot of love for Letch'.

Also this week I got some mega-bargains as my favourite clothes stall at my local market was selling everything for £1. So I spent £6 on this lovely lot.

And I just got back from what I'm calling a Cupcake Blitz!
My sister - that's her holding all the cupcakes - is a wedding coordinator and one of the couples who recently got married left 40 wedding cupcakes behind! They didn't want them so we drove around to our friends' houses to spread the cupcake joy.
I even made her a cupcake crown for the occasion.

How was your week? Did it feature that many cupcakes?

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