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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Passport Cover

This is another Scrap Store creation.
After scoring some wonderful bright pink leather I googled around for ideas of what to make with it.
I found this tutorial on Design Sponge which led me to this one on Poppytalk, and using a combination of both I made this passport cover.

I used a modified template from Poppytalk and cut out all the leather pieces for my cover.
I found it much easier to cut the leather with a craft knife and metal ruler instead of scissors. 
I glued the pieces in place a little bit so it would be easier when it came to sewing.

The tutorials suggested using a stitching spacer and I remember I actually had one from a cheap sewing kit.
The dots it made were quite close together so I used my pokey tool (yes, that's what it was called on the packaging) to make a bigger hole in every other dot.

Then I sewed around the edge using bright pink embroidery thread.
The technique is to have two needles going at the same time, crossing over each other. It's better explained in the tutorials I've linked to.

I thought a matching luggage tag would be perfect so I made one in a similar way. I put a slip of lined paper with a piece of acetate on top in the tag. The side nearest the strap is left open to get the paper out.

And now I'm all set for a holiday abroad.
Except I don't have anything booked...
But the next time I do, I'll be ready!


  1. Love this! I think I have some teal leather in my stash...

  2. Wow! This is very compelling leather passport cover design and for sure my wife will really like it. Two thumps up for this posted.


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