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Sunday, 30 June 2013

This Week I...

...went to the most amazing place!
My Mum found out about Scrap Stores and we took a trip to our local one.
It's two floors of all kinds of scrap materials; fabric, card, foam, tubes, confetti, containers, keyrings, tiles...
You pay a yearly membership fee and then you can take whatever you want.
I picked up some vinyl-type fabric in cool patterns, some squares of mountboard, some weird foam stuff and some little plastic tubes. They looked useful!

Last weekend our garage was full of scarecrows and this weekend we had a garage sale.
The village had organised a garage sale trail and over 70 houses were participating, including our next door neighbours. Luckily we had really nice weather so we didn't mind hanging out on the drive all afternoon.

And speaking of scarecrows, our entry into the scarecrow competition made it into the local paper!
And at the village fete we found out we were only 2 votes away from 1st place.

Don't forget that Google reader is shutting down, like, tomorrow!
If you're a follower of my blog make sure you subscribe with a different reader, like Bloglovin. I wouldn't want to lose you!
And if you're not a follower, why not become one!

Ok, enough exclamation points. How was your week? 

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