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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Scarecrow Festival

As I mentioned on Sunday, my village had it's scarecrow festival this past weekend and this was our entry!
This was our first time entering because the last few years I've been away at university.

To make the scarecrows I made papier mache heads using ballons and added card for the noses and ears and a big yogurt pot for the necks.
We stuffed the bodies with scrunched up newspaper. That was a fun Sunday afternoon.

My first idea for the scarecrow set up was an operating theatre, since I have the scrubs, so we went with that.
I was going to make something gross and organ-y for the operation part, but then I had the bright idea to have straw coming out of the body, since it is a scarecrow. 

My Dad and I definitely went overboard with the details.
We got an old computer monitor and I painted heart monitor graphics on to acetate to go on the front.
The equipment tray has syringes still in wrappers, pliers, tweezers, a jar opener and, my favourite; scissors + cotton ball = swab!

Someone (me) had the genius idea to put the scene in the garage.
This was primarily because I thought it would frame it nicely and we could put sheets up behind, but it came in handy as we had a few rain showers over weekend and it got a bit windy, and our scarecrows were fine throughout.

The scarecrow festival was also a competition and people could vote for their favourites.
We came in second!
The winner was a Mad Hatter's Tea Party set up which spread over two gardens, so this photo is only part of it.

We've already started thinking about next year's entry. It may have something to do with another favourite tv show of mine...


  1. So creative! The details are the best part.


  2. Fab scarecrows. Anyone know how to protect the scarecrow heads from the rain. Would PVA work??


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