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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Scale Model Making

As you may have gathered from previous posts, I recently completed a scale model making short course at Central Saint Martins.
It was really good; the class size was small so we got a lot of attention from the tutor (who is the author of the book I mention way back here), I learnt a lot of new techniques, and one of the guys on the course brought in cakes his wife had made for us! 

The best thing I made was this brick wall.
It's made from Kapa-line foamboard. I've tried a few different methods of making bricks before (here, here and here) but this is by far the easiest and most effective.

As it's foam you can just push into with a pencil and make marks. I also used a wire brush to texture the surface.

On the other side we made an interior wall including door and window frames.
I haven't finished wallpapering it yet, but you get the idea.
This was all made with PVC sheets, another material I'd never used before.

We also had a go at making figures and trees (both unfinished, obvs).
The figure is made of Sculpey around a wire armature.
The tree is made from wire mesh, another kind of foam, and eggshells!

And then there's these chairs that I love.
The larger one is made of the kapa-line foam and has been treated with resin to make it more durable.
I could paint it, but I quite like it the way it is.
The small chair is made of stencil card.
They're both stuck together with super glue (the cheap stuff from Poundland is just as good as the expensive stuff) and yes I almost stuck my fingers together/to my work many times.

It was a great course and I think my art work is really going to benefit from it.


  1. I saw some miniature models for sale in a frou-frou furniture store as art. (They were in little boxes that were framed.) I immediately thought of you!

  2. I saw your different miniatures of models. scale models are the physical representation of your ideas.


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