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Sunday, 27 January 2013

This Week I...

I had a few of train journeys this week so I got through a lot of John Green's Looking for Alaska, a book I got for Christmas.
If you've read the book you'll know what I mean when I say I just got to the 'After' bit, and then I didn't want to read any more.

I had a hilarious catch-up with my friends at Just Desserts (that's right; they just do desserts).

For Christmas my friend Natalie gave me a cereal variety pack because apparently a cereal evolution that goes Frosties -> Cheerios -> Fruit & Fibre (and then back to Cheerios because my braces can't handle F&F) isn't good enough. She thought the gift wouldn't widen my cereal experiences, but I couldn't bring myself to eat chocolate cereal for breakfast, so I made these with the Coco Pops instead.
It was a delicious decision.
I added raisins to the mix to make the cereal go further and add at least a bit of nutritional value.

On Saturday I had the third session of my Set Design course and my scale model is taking shape.
The first activity of the day was to watch an episode of Miranda [and draw the sets with where we thought the cameras were]. Totally not complaining.

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