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Friday, 25 January 2013

Photo Books

I'm the picture taker of my group.
When I went away to uni my friends back home said it was as if they didn't get up to anything because noone was there to document it.

So I have a lot of photos and I like physically flicking through pages of these photos, as opposed to just pressing the arrows on my computer a bunch of times.
For many years I've been selecting photos, resizing them, printing them out, cutting them up and putting them into self-adhesive photo albums. The big kind that take up a lot of shelf space.
And I'd think, 'surely there is an easier way.'

There is. It's photo books.

I got these all printed from Snapfish (not sponsored. But boy, do I wish it was!)
The big one is a selection of my photos from June - October 2012. Including my graduation.
Yep, that happened.
I like having the photos different sizes, something that would have caused too much brain ache to do when I was printing and cutting and sticking photos into an album.

I also got some Christmas presents made up.
One for my oldest sister and one for my Grandad.

My sister's book had photos from our holiday to Nashville and New York.
It came in very handy over Christmas when we were telling all our family that were visiting about our trip.

Including this photo which she would definitely not mind me sharing with the internet.
Yes, she met Jake Gyllenhaal.
Yes, she'll tell anyone who will listen. 

My Grandad's book, titled 'Grandaughters' contained just that; photos of my sisters and I, and my cousins.
I put a mixture of new photos and old ones when I was a lot tinier.

The books turned out great and I would recommend waiting until the sites have offers - which right before Christmas they did - so you can get more pages for your money.


  1. Love your photo book! I'm also really liking your blog - keep up the good work!

    Have a wonderful day,

  2. The books look great! I saw a photo book similar to this on another blog and I really want to make one, too!

    Glad to have discovered your blog!

    xox, amber

  3. Oh, I love photo books though I've not done one of my own yet - can never persuade myself I've got the time to sit down, chose the photos, upload them etc. But they are wonderful to leaf through and keep. Thanks for sharing yours :)

  4. This post inspires me to make some photo albums.


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