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Sunday, 4 November 2012

This Week I...

I didn't do anything for Halloween this year, but feel free to go back and look at my costume from last year because I still think it's awesome.

On Saturday I went to see some fireworks with my friends.
It's kind of a tradition even though I hadn't been for the last 3 years because I'd always been away at uni.



Then we went to Starbucks to warm up and discuss Christmas plans. Exciting!
I had their pancakes which gave me Pancake Pantry flashbacks.
It's not quite breakfast at midnight, but it's the kind of crazy thing 22 year olds get up to. Isn't that right Taylor?

And I watched the CMA Awards this week thanks to the youtuber that put the whole thing up!
Did any of you watch it? Which bits did you love?
I thought all of Miranda and Blake's acceptance speeches were wonderful, and the opening was hilarious.
Brad and Carrie are the best.

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