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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Clothes peg photo holders

 A few weeks ago I finally got a film developed from a camera that we didn't realise still had a film in.
The film was about half way through so over the summer I used up the rest of the film on my birthday, at camp, and hanging out with my family.

We had no idea what was on the first half of the film so I was really looking forward to getting it developed.
It turns out the first photos (00 - 11 on the thumbnail sheet) are from my sisters' first trip to New York 8 years ago! They thought they'd broken the camera and/or lost the film.
It was a wonderful coincidence that I got these photos developed a week or two after coming back from our trip to New York.

So now I have some lovely photos printed, instead of stored on my computer, that I want to have on display.
I could just buy some more photo frames, but I don't want to do that. I'm more creative than that.

I had the idea to use clothes pegs to hold up a photo.
It's great because I can easily change the photo on display.
I had a couple of ideas of how to embellish the pegs.
First I simply wrote on them with who's in the photo and where and when it was taken.

Then I tried cutting out some decorative paper and sticking it to the pegs.

I also tried decorating the pegs according to the photo. So I cut out some grass from green card, since the photo was taken while we were camping, and stuck that to the pegs. 

I even got some thin wire which I attached to the pegs and added some little bees to fit with the outdoorsy theme.

I think adding balloons to the wire would look really great with a birthday photo.
Any other ideas?

Have any of you discovered some old photos you thought were gone forever?


  1. That's looks super cute! I like it. I just got my underwater photos from a trip to Hawaii printed out and while the trip was recent, it was still exciting to see how the photos turned out! I saw the clothes pegs at a craft store that were coated in glitter--that could have some wicked fun potential.

    1. Underwater cameras seem so fun! I've always wanted to try one.
      And yes, glitter makes everything better :)

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE finding old film. Pretty sure mine is all discovered, but I dream of the day when I find some treasure.


  3. That's so cool. I found some old rolls of film recently and had them developed and they were hilarious pictures from middle school of me and my friends. That was a looooong time ago, so it was really funny looking at them. I also felt like maybe I should destroy the negatives to protect the innocent. ;)


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