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Monday, 20 June 2011

Homemade Rubber stamps

Making stamps out of a rubber/eraser is so easy.
I first did it on my foundation course during the textiles rotation and we used proper lino cut tools but this time I just used a craft knife which worked just as well.

I made buttons...

...a heart and star...

...and a feather.

Then I printed them onto these brown tags.

I don't have many ink pads so I just used acrylic paint which I applied directly to the stamp with a small sponge.

I love the homemade feel of them and the way I can create loads of different patterns with just a few stamps.


  1. Those turned out so good! The bf and I have been talking about making our own stamp--I didn't even think about trying them out on erasers :D

  2. hmm..it seems smart,there are so many ideas for the stamps *(*


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