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Monday, 23 May 2011

Piping tip

Now, I might be a little bit late to the party with this trick but I thought I would share it incase any of you were in a similar position.

I made my butter cream icing pretty!

And it was really simple;
Take a small sandwich bag.
Fill it with icing.
Cut of a corner to make a tiny hole.
Get piping!

No fancy equipment required.  
I don't have a photo though because I only have so many hands!

On the left you will see my usual method for applying butter cream icing, ie, smooshing it on with a fork, and on the right is the much prettier method.

You're welcome.

In related news Mollie over at Wild Olive is hosting a little blog tea party all this week.

There's going to be guest posts and giveaways and all of that good stuff, so be sure to check in at some point. And there'll also be a chance to win something from me!
Exciting stuff.

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