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Friday, 20 May 2011

Getting my draw on

I've been inspired by all the cute drawings/illustrations I've been seeing around the blogs.
Like this one of Kaelah by Saturated Canary.

And even these little drawings that Elsie just posted.
I wanted to have a go myself, but if you've seen my paintings then you'll know I'm realism gal.
So I decided to pick a very simple style and do very minimalist faces. Any more detail and I'd try and make it realistic, which isn't what I was going for.

I drew my housemates. That's me in the pink.
I decided to colour in the drawings with water colour paints which was definitely a good idea.

Remember the time I dressed up as a clown? I drew that too.

And this is what I looked like when I was doing the drawings. Yep, that's a cookie monster shirt.


  1. Ohhh I love them soo much! You are so talented! xx

  2. Some people are just so talented! I love your paintings, especially the one of you and your housemates.


  3. Ahhh!
    These are really cute


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