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Monday, 25 April 2011

My Craft Space

While I've been home I've made it my mission to tidy up the backroom table which is the craft space I share with my sister.
When I'm at uni my craft space is just my bed so I have to tidy it if I want to get to sleep that day.

It went from this...

...to this!
Yes there actually is a table, it was just a bit hidden before.

I've got a lot of stuff so storage is sometimes an issue. There's paintbrushes in mugs, decorated stones in a bowl, glitter in little jars. A lot of stuff.

And while I was sorting through all this stuff I rediscovered these;

I made them many years ago out of fimo. They're magnets and badges.

I actually sold some at a school fete once.
There were also cats and dogs but I guess they must have been the most popular as they're all gone.

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