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Sunday, 26 September 2010

My Model Room: #14 Laptop, chair and table

So this is where all the blogging happens.
There's the computer table (which usually has more junk on it), my laptop, chair and more pictures on the wall.

I'd been putting off this section of my room because the chair was going to be a challenge. With some wishful sticking and lots of kebab skewers and cocktail stick I managed to come up with something resembling the real thing.

For these pictures I just took photos of the originals, or found them on the internet, and reduced them in size on Word. Then I stuck them to card and covered them in sticky back plastic. There's my Lost cast photo, my signed Ian Somerhalder photo ("Aloha babe you rock!") and a photo of me and Joshua Radin with a signed ticket.

To make my laptop I just used bits of thick card painted black and some shiny silver card. And the website I chose to display on the screen? Facebook of course.

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