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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Paper Pot

I used to make these paper pots a lot when I was younger, and now I'm going to show you how to.

Start with a plastic container. I recommend plastic because it's flexibility comes in handy.

Cover the container in Vaseline. It's pretty yuck but has to be done.

Get the glue out.
I started by putting a bit of PVA straight onto the container so that I could put sequins and glitter on. This is of course an optional extra.

Glue small pieces on tissue paper on top.

After a few layers of tissue paper I then moved on to ripped up pieces of a magazine. My magazine of choice was a September 2008 issue of Closer. Fun fact.
Keep gluing.

After a sufficient amount of layers I applied the final layer of paper which I wanted to be this silver tissue paper.
You then need to leave the whole thing to dry. The airing cupboard is a perfect place but I decided to make use of the hot weather we had this weekend and let mine in the garden.

Once it's dry you need to remove the plastic container. This can be a little tricky but that's where the flexibility of the plastic comes in. Just keep squeezing and tugging and soon it'll pop right out.

This is what the inside looks like. You're going to want to wipe out the inside with some paper towel because of the Vaseline.

To finish I cut round the top to make it neat and glued on some fun trim as a finishing touch. Also, here's another pot I made with a different sized container.


  1. That's an amazing idea! I'll try it with the kids in Summer Camp. They'll be excited with the result. Thanks for this tutorial! :-)

  2. Finally, I've tried it out. It didn't turn out as good as yours though. "My kids" aren't that cooperative. :-(
    Nevertheless, it's a super idea and I'm going to try it again. Thanks again!


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