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Monday, 24 May 2010

The Bead Shop

In July/August of 2008 I went to Queenstown, New Zealand with my family. One day, while my Dad and my sister were white water rafting, my Mum, my other sister and I went to check out The Bead Shop.

This shop was awesome. The walls were covered in jars of all kinds of beads and you could just buy a bunch of beads, buy something already made with the beads, or sit down and make a necklace or bracelet using the supplies in the shop, and the shop lady even helps to attach the findings.

It was definitely a better way to spend an afternoon, rather than being outside in the cold white water rafting, and you get a nice view of the mountain from the shop window.

Here's the necklace I made; black and white wooden beads with a geometric pendant.

So if you're ever in Queenstown, NZ, I suggest you check it out. And while you're in town you might as well have a fergburger.

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