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Monday, 10 May 2010

Ribbon wrap bracelet

You can make this bracelet using just a plastic bangle and ribbon, and then add more to embellish it.

I started with this plastic ring that I found in my house, but you could of course use an actual bangle

Wrap a piece of ribbon around the ring. Wide ribbon is best to initially cover the plastic. You can stick the start of the ribbon to the plastic with glue or tape, or just hold it in place until the ribbon comes around again to secure it. 

You can sew the end of the ribbon in place with thread, or use glue or double sided tape. The stitching can be covered with more ribbon and embellishments so it doesn't have to be neat.

I then wrapped a thinner piece of white ribbon around the bracelet...

...and some silver ric-rac for decoration.

I then made a matching yo-yo (learn how here) using white fabric, the silver ric-rac and a pink button.

I then attached the yo-yo to the bracelet. You can do this by sewing it or maybe with hot glue.

And here's an alternative design using thick shiny ribbon where the ends were tied in a bow with a crotcheted butterfly that my mum made attached.

1 comment:

  1. these are just lovely bracelets,you can also use glue gun for pasting the ribbon & other stuff,its easy then needle n thread


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