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Wednesday, 24 March 2010


One of my best friends works at Starbucks and she loves it. So last summer I made her her very own plushie Starbucks cup! This would go great with one of my donut keyrings.

(Photo, why you no move to the centre?)
Using a combination of felt and cotton I managed to sew the logo for the side of the cup.

 The cup is even filled with hot, steaming felt java. A mochalatte or something. My friend would know.


  1. Hi Lisa it's Graham; aka Johnny Depp off of Lizzie and Scouting fame. Love this! Saw it at her place – didn't know you'd made it.

    Some lovely work on here :)

  2. Ah i know who you are, had to check with Lizzi lol. Glad you like it, thanks :)


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