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Monday, 29 March 2010

Egg world

When I was in year 5 my class had an Easter competition to create a scene using eggs. I made a jungle with an adventurer egg and a parrot egg. It was awesome. My mum is now reusing this idea with her school and asked me to make the examples...or should that be eggsamples. Hahaha.

First you need to blow some eggs. You could just use hard boiled eggs, but something about crafting with the egg still inside seems icky to me. Take a large needle and make a hole in each end of the egg. This is definitely an adults job, which is why I let my mum do it and I took the photos.

Then put a straw over one of the holes and blow. I think kids will enjoy seeing this bit. I'm 19 and I did! It's both gross and cool.
And fun fact; I used the two eggs to make cupcakes. Yum yum.

Then you need to run water through the eggs shells and leave them to dry.

I had decided to make a beach scene, using a shoe box as a base. So I started by gluing in paper for the sky and the sand. Alternatively you could paint the inside of the box the required colour.

Then I added cotton wool for the clouds, some gold glitter on the sand and a piece of corrugated card which was going to become a wave. Thick card like this doesn't stick in place well just using PVA glue so I used a couple of split pins to attach it to the shoe box

I covered the card with blue sugar paper and tissue paper to look like the sea.

Next I painted my eggs using acrylic paint so that it would stick to the shell. I imagine poster paint would work as well, if not, trying mixing a bit of PVA glue to paint.

So here it is. Surfer dude egg and sun bathing egg. The surfer's hair is just a little bit of brown paper, curled using scissors, his surf board is funky foam with a painted stripe down the middle and the sun bather's hat is patterned card comprising of a large circle with a hole in it and a cone shape.

I also made a simpler example of a bumble bee egg in a flower using a jar lid and a plastic dessert pot which might be easier for younger children.
You want to make sure that the lid isn't too big to fit inside the pot

Cover the lid in glue and stick on scrunched up bits of yellow crepe paper.

Cut out petal shapes and stick them to the inside of the pot.

Place the lid into the pot and fold down the petals once the glue has dried.

Paint the egg to look like a bumble bee. I used funky foam for the wings, but you could also use wire or a pipe cleaner covered in tissue paper or cling film.

Put the bee in the flower and there you have it. A fun Easter activity for kids.

1 comment:

  1. Those are so cute... but blowing out the egg is hard work... look at what I decided to do instead? It will work for the bee since it needs stripes but not so much for the surfer... they are super cute


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