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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Jazzing up photos

I know that photoshop is awesome, but jazzing up a photo by hand is fun too. Lots of websites have registration offers for free prints (Jessops, Snapfish, Photobox...) so there's no excuse not to have a glossy 6x4 in your hand. The way photos used to be.

To add texture to a photograph I used embroidery thread to pick out features in the image. I particularly liked drawing attention to my friends curly hair by sewing zig zags into the photo.

A needle pierces photo paper quite easily, and instead of tying a knot at the back when I was done, I just stuck the thread down with sellotape so it was secure.

With this one I wanted to emphasise the light streaks in the photo so I added red shiny thread and finished with a couple of seed beads to add another dimension to the flat surface.

I used several strands of thread to sew the patterns on these two hats which I think brings back the texture of the original items which was lost in the photo.

I picked out the details of these dresses with sequins, beads and more thread. They're just sewn on the same way they would be on to fabric. Alternatively these embellishments could be added just by glueing them on but I like the textiles element of it.


  1. This is an incredible idea! I am started a scrapbook project featuring the photos I took on a holiday to Japan - I'm going to use some of your ideas in my project for sure:)

  2. I saw this featured on totally tutorials and had to come check it out. What a cool idea. I love this.


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