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Friday, 26 March 2021

Miniature Kitchen Scene

Recently I've been flexing my miniature making muscles with a series of little kitchen set ups.
I started by making a little kitchen cabinet to be the base of the scenes. The work top is a sample of wooden window blind from when we recently redecorated my husband's office and was perfect for this use. All the scale measurements were made based on the size of this piece.

For my first scene I decided to make miniature toast, including a toaster, plate, jar of jam, knife and the toast itself. I had a few challenges with this, like, how do I make a jam jar? Answer; a wooden bead cut in half with the top of a split pin. 

Then I made a cookie scene because you know I like getting salt dough involved. In addition to the cookie dough I also made a bag of flour, a cookie cutter, a rolling pin, and a baking tray. I think the baking tray might be my favourite part!

Check out the videos below for a more in depth look at how I made these and what materials I used.
And let me know if you have any ideas for other kitchen scenes I could make.

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