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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Cornflake Cookies

For Christmas I made my boyfriend an advent calendar using variety pack cereal boxes, which meant we had 24 little packets of cereal.
The Frosties soon disappeared over a few mornings as my boyfriend's breakfast and we've made one batch of chocolate crispie cakes (and we'll do more once Tesco decides to restock it's own brand milk cooking chocolate). But that still leaves us quite a few little bags of cereal.

In order to try something new to use up a few bags I found this recipe for cornflake cookies. I looked through a few recipes online but chose this one as it put cornflakes in the cookies mixture, not just on the outside so I thought that would use up more, and because it included chocolate chips and sultanas for extra flavour and what's not to like about that?

Once the cookie dough is made you roll blobs (technical term) of it in cornflakes. I found this part a bit tricky. I wasn't sure what kind of coverage I was meant to be going for and maybe my mixture was a bit wet as a lot of cornflakes stuck to it.

Regardless of the correct cornflake corverage these cookies were yummy and did not last long. The cookies have a bit of a cakey texture - not a bad thing - and the cornflakes become chewy rather than crunchy. The chocolate chips and sultanas are welcome additions and I even think I could've done with putting more of them in the mix.

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