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Sunday, 26 July 2015

This Week I...

...enjoyed the first week of the summer holidays and also purchased some things.

Thing #1: I put together my next volume of photos with Snapfish. This is now the third photobook I've made like this since I stopped printing, cutting and sticking photos into photo albums. The book arrived really quickly, in fact it got delivered before Snapfish sent an email to say it had been dispatched. 

Thing #2: With an Amazon gift voucher I got for my birthday I bought Ingrid Michaelson's album Lights Out. I listened to this albums repeatedly via youtube when working on my book earlier this year so I thought I better just buy it.

And finally thing #3 is a sewing machine! Between leaving my job and my birthday I'd built up a nice amount of money in Hobbycraft gift cards so decided to use it to buy a big thing, rather than lots of little things. The sewing machine was on sale which meant I could pay for it just using my gift cards. The guy on the till had never seen someone pay with more than one gift card before.

What did you get up to this week?

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