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Sunday, 29 March 2015

This Week I...

This week was the last of the spring term and on Friday one of the boys in the class left the school. This was the start of his leaving card that I made. He's a member of Rabbits class, wears glasses, and loves Norwich City football team.

My Mum's school had been having a clear out and she came home with two great big bags of fabric they were getting rid of for me to look through.

There are some insane fabrics including Disney characters, Monsters Inc, Pikachu riding a red car, and Nascar Mickey Mouse. I can't wait to start creating things with them. Any ideas?

On Saturday I had a craft table at Dot to Dot's Spring Fair. I did quite well considering it was a small fair. Can you see the tree like thing in the back with all the bows on? I bought that at a jumble sale last week for 20p. A great find.

How was your week?

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