Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Christmas Pom-Poms

Apologies to those who think it's too soon to be thinking about Christmas, but for those of us with festive craft fairs coming up we have to. But to be honest I probably would be getting excited already without the craft fair excuse.

My Mum recently went to Kirstie Allsopp's Handmade Craft Fair where she purchased a pom-pom maker. To try it out she made these guys.

I just happened to have the right sized mini red pom-poms to be the holly berries on this pom-pom Christmas pudding. I glued them to the top along with some holly leaves cut out of green felt.

The snowman is two white pom-poms attached to each other with little black beads for the eyes. My Mum even crocheted a tiny hat and scarf for him!
I attached some white thread coming out of the hat so this little guy can be hung on a Christmas tree.
Do you think he needs any other facial/snowman features, or are the eyes enough?

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