Friday, 24 October 2014

Christmas Card Boxes

More Christmas craft fair preparation!
These boxes are made from last year's Christmas cards

There's quite a lot of steps to making these and I did the first one back in March; cutting out the squares from the Christmas cards and sorting them into sets of 12. 6 for the outside and 6 for the inside of the box.
Then I layer a square of plastic, a Christmas card square, a regular card, Christmas card square, and a plastic square. I paper clip these together and hand them over to my Mum who works her crochet magic and constructs the box.

For selling these are craft fairs I buy a big tub or two of celebrations, when they're on sale, and package up a handful in cellophane to go in the box. Instant gift!
I've also done a few with little packets of Haribo in to appeal to the child market, but according to Haribo's marketing kids and grown-ups should love them so.

Have any of you started thinking about Christmas presents yet?

1 comment:

  1. These are pretty cool! I love crocheting so this really caught my eye. Plus a great way to use up Christmas cards, I never know what to do with all of mine.


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