Thursday, 13 March 2014

Paint Strip Shelves

I bought this little wooden shelving thing with the intention of using it to display my rings at craft fairs. But when I got it home I found that when my beady cluster rings were put in the holes you couldn't really tell what they were.
So I found a spot on my wall to hang it and started to display my own, shop bought, rings in it. (I've found if I have my jewellery on display I'm more likely to wear it). The only problem was it wasn't very pretty, but I had an idea to change that.

On a recent trip to Homebase I picked up some paint strips. I needed four the same to fill the sections of my little shelves. Annoyingly, the sections are all slightly different sizes to I had to cut each square individually.
I placed the colours squares in the sections and found they stayed there on their own. This means I can change them when I want as they aren't glued down.

I love the gradient effect and it's so easy to achieve with paint strips as they have the range of colours already picked out.


  1. That looks so cute ! And you can change it when you want ! Great !
    Eb x

  2. This is a fantastic idea!!!

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