Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Jigsaw Pouch Bag

I still had a lot of jigsaw left from my jigsaw bag cover project, so I decided to use another section on another bag, except this time I made the bag from scratch.

Like before, I covered my chosen jigsaw section with sticky back plastic.

I placed the jigsaw on a piece of black fabric and folded the sides over to create a frame around the jigsaw. I'm super impressed with myself that I managed to get the corners to fold with that diagonal line.
I then sewed it all in place.

Then it was time to construct the bag. I used black plasticy fabric for the remaining sides.

Trying to figure out which order I should sew the bag, make the lining and add the zip made my brain hurt. But I got there in the end! Aside from a bit of a wonky zip it turned out pretty great.

I went for bright orange for the lining as I thought black would have been too safe an option, so I picked something that would match the bright colours of the jigsaw image.

There's still jigsaw sections left so expect even more jigsaw projects in the future. I am am getting a lot for the £1.50 I paid for it.


  1. Wow ! You are so creative. I love the bright orange lining ! Looks so good against the darker colours. Intrigued as to what will be next !? There are really no limits with you ! Amazing !
    Eb x

  2. This is so cute! Was a little confused at the beginning, could not imagine how a jigsaw bag could come out looking good, but this is actually amazing!

  3. Wow, this is a really brilliant idea!


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