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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Banana Muffins

My friends and I always buy too much food for things like picnic lunches, and shopping for Centre Parcs was no different. I ended up taking home the leftover, well travelled, bananas only to find that my parents already had a lot of bananas at home.

There was only one thing for it.
Banana muffins.

I used this recipe which I followed exactly, except for adding some mixed spice for an extra flavour. I left them in for exactly 30 minutes so the top has a nice crust.

I added sultanas to the last few just to try it out and they're a good addition so next time I'll add them to the main batter.

What do you do to use up brown bananas?
Any good banana bread recipes around?


  1. Banana bread mug cake!!

  2. Oh, I love banana muffins, I love any recipe that has bananas involved!
    I've also tried a different recipe with wholemeal flour and they were delicious!
    A good idea would also be to add chocolate chips or pumpin seeds.

    If you have some brown bananas to spear, why don't you make a quick and easy frosted banana cream?
    I did it one day that I was really bored and craving for something sweet. You should try it. ;-)


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