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Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Annual Gift Exchange

Another one of the traditions I have with my friends is the Annual Gift Exchange.
Every year we do a Secret Santa between us girls, and this is the occasion when we exchange gifts.
It's at my house so I get to put on a lovely spread.

I made this awesome cookie Christmas tree.
The star cookies came out looking pretty irregular, but when they're all stacked up you can't tell.
I decorated it with sugar balls and edible glitter (it makes your insides shiny!).

I made cake pops! Well, they're more chocolate truffles but who cares because they were delicious.
And how cute do they look as mini Christmas puddings?

I also made your standard Christmas cookies using a Christmas tree cutter.

I decorated the table with a string of Christmas lights and red cups.
You know, red solo cups.
I bought a pack when I was in New York and thought this would be the perfect occasion to use them.

Such fun.

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