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Friday, 8 July 2011

Free Crappy Housemate Portrait

Have you guys seen this website?
Free Crappy Portraits
It causes many giggles.

Since me and my housemates have started a collection of drawings of the four of us I thought I'd submit a photo to the site to get one more.

This is the photo I gave them.

And this is the drawing they sent me.
(It's not on the website yet but I couldn't wait to show you!)

They drew me as an owl because I was wearing my owl hat, which makes sense right.
But a bird, a beaver and a....dinosaur with an afro??


  1. Haha that's is amazing and funny, I think i might have to ask them to draw me!!!!! thank you so much for sharing this!XXX

  2. haha, that's so awesome! i love it and i want to send them a photo too. also, i am SO glad someone else in the world understands how frustrating it is to look so young. everyone tells me the same thing they tell you, "oh you'll LOVE it someday!" and i just want to reply, "yeah, but it doesn't make me want to punch you in the face any less right now." it's especially difficult in the career field, trying to get people to understand i'm a grown adult with lots of life experience and knowledge. gah!

  3. Very cute and funny. I love that site too:)


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