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Monday, 11 July 2011

Guitar make-over

Who likes my new guitar?
I do, I do!

A few months ago, around Easter in fact, I came home from hanging out with my friends carrying this lot. My friend Robyn and her brother were throwing them out so I offered to give them a better home.
And give them a new look.
Starting with the whole guitar.

The first things to do was sand down the guitar so that I could paint it.
After a whole afternoon of using sandpaper and getting a very achey arm with little progress I was informed that my Grandad probably had a power tool for the job.
He did, and this is me using it. 

Sanding done, it was on to the painting.
I started with a coat of primer which was an off white colour as that was what was in the garage.
Then I applied a few coats of white emulsion, again whatever I found in the garage.

Next I used acrylic paint to add some decoration to my guitar in the form of lovely pink flowers.
Then I varnished the whole thing twice using clear varnish that I found in, you guessed it, the garage.

The only thing I spent money on for this project was a set of nylon strings so that the guitar would be playable. I strung the guitar with the help of my Dad and some guy on youtube.

And now it's ready to play!


  1. You did awesome job. pink is always girly.by the was you can also make some more fun with decoupage & mod podge..kinda funnn :)

  2. Lisa this is awsome! i didnt know you played guitar :D i covered my old one in stamps a couple of years ago and have been meaning to do my new(er) one for ages, maybe this is the kick i need for a summer project! xxx

  3. This looks awesome! You did a spectacular job!

  4. Wow...that is a beautiful transformation!

  5. This one is gorgeous too! Love the pink roses. You are very talented!


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