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Friday, 18 March 2011

Outside the box

For my newest miniature piece I've been thinking outside the box...cos it's not in a box! Oh, I crack myself up.

Blue front door at the top of steps.

Keys still in the door, bag abandoned on the door step.

Drinks cup tipped over on the step.
This doesn't look good. 

The staircase is one of my favourite things I've made. I think they're really impressive.
They started like this; every step is an individual box that I measured out, cut and constructed.

Then I added the sides which were again carefully cut and stuck together. Then I painted the whole thing and got to work on the rest.


  1. you are the most creative girl ever!! i seriously love that pinwheel headband and all your miniature pieces. my partner has done some miniature models for architecture, so i know how difficult/time consuming it all is to create. i'm so impressed by what you've done. and i actually am totally in love with those stairs before they were painted. i want my stairs to be brown, white & blue! :)

  2. wow, i cant even imagine how long those stairs would have taken! they're really great though! a job well done :)


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