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Monday, 7 February 2011

Even more tiny little dark things

Here's the rest of the work from my exhibition.

This is Men In Suits Make Mistakes. My tutor said this is his favourite. Did I mention he also said that he finds me fascinating? He totally did. 

Up one end of the box- which used to hold cling film- is a tiny box of matches.

At the other end is a suitcase packed with papers and doused in 'petrol' (dried PVA glue) which runs all the way to the matches.

This piece is called Dirty Playground. The title comes from a quote about Las Vegas from William Petersen who played Grissom in CSI, "Guys lose their wives and money, women end up deciding to stay and become strippers. It's the dirty playground for the Darth Vader in all of us."

Here's the interior of the club.

And here it is with the lights on.
Thank you reduced price Christmas lights from QD.

And did I mention the lights are colour changing?
Check out the footage.

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