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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Internet Inspiration

During the summer I came across this photo:

Unfortunately I didn't think to make a note of where I got it from, so if any of y'all recognise it, let me know.

But anyway, a skirt made of Uno cards! That's amazing. So I showed it to my Mum and proposed that we make a version. I got an old pack of playing cards and punched holes all the way around all 52 of them. Then my Mum crocheted black wool around the edges. She did show me how to do it but I managed about two cards and let her do the rest. The cards were then all sewed together (by my Mum) and a thick elastic waistband was attached. My Mum even made a matching bag with the cards that weren't used for the skirt.


Now I just need an excuse to wear it. I'm hoping for a games-themed dress up night at the SU bar.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet. I'm gonna make one for Magic: The Gathering tournaments! And a bag to match!!!


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