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Monday, 6 April 2020

Easter Egg Hunt Quiz

During our current lockdown situation I wanted to come up with a fun little activity for my husband, because even 30 year old men need new things to break up the day and get them off the Playstation.
With Easter coming up I had an egg hunt in mind but wondered how I could make it more fun for an adult.
We've been doing a lot of quizzing so far with our friends over video chat, so I was inspired to combine a quiz with an egg hunt.  

First,  I cut out 12 egg shapes from coloured card and decorated one side of them.

Then I search for trivia questions with numerical answers, where each answer was between 1 and 12, and wrote them on the back of the eggs.

These are the questions I used:

1. How many terms did Jimmy Carter serve as US President?
2. How many landlocked countries are there in South America?
3. In English law what is the smallest number of people that can constitute a riot?
4. How many sculpted lions sit at the base of Trafalgar Square?
5. How many hundreds of miles would The Proclaimers walk?
6. On most phones, what number key also features the letters M, N, and O?
7. What was the MS Windows computer operating system version that succeeded Vista?
8. How many planets are in our solar system? 
9. How many rooms are on the Cluedo game board?
10. How many years did Tony Blair serve as Prime Minister of the UK?
11. What was the number of the first Apollo moon landing?
12. Total of the sides on a pentagon and a heptagon?

To set up the egg hunt I hung 12 pegs on our washing line and wrote the numbers 1 -12 on them using a white board pen.

Then I hid the eggs around our garden. We don't have a huge garden but it was big enough to hide the 12 eggs.

Then the hunt was on for Andrew! I sat back and enjoyed watching him go past one spot in particular where I'd hidden an egg very much in plain sight but he didn't spot it for a while.

When he found each egg he had to attach it to the peg with the correct number answer. A lot of the questions were quite tricky so there was a lot of switching round as he found more eggs.

This activity got his brain working, his body moving, and putting it together gave me something to do, so a success for all.

This game could easily be adapted for children with different questions, or for even younger children you could use coloured eggs to be put in corresponding coloured containers.
To make this game educational, for anyone currently home schooling, each egg could have a maths question with a numerical answer. If you were feeling really fancy you could laminate the eggs to use again and again with different sums or questions.

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