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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Wedding Touches

Now for all the other little details I put together for our wedding.

Instead of a three course meal for our wedding breakfast, we chose to have an afternoon tea. So it seemed only fitting that we had little jars of jam as our wedding favours. Andrew is a big fan of my Mum's strawberry jam so we asked if she would make some to fill almost 70 tiny jars.
I bought the jars from Wilkos which was very affordable, 20 for £3, and they already had gold lids which would match our colour scheme.
The jars also doubled up as the place settings as I made name labels to tie around them, which also made sure everyone took home their own jar as they were all named.

I was excited to use the drawing function on my Cricut to make the labels. I set it to write the names, cut them out, and cut a little hole to thread the string through. I decorated the labels with a bit of washi tape and gold ribbon.

Our venue only allowed real flower petal confetti which we found on Etsy. I got these Itsu cups from the scrapstore many years ago and was pleased to finally have a use for them. I covered them with this pink paper which is appropriately decorated with flower petals.

Photo by Paul Summerfield

For the Order of Events sign I used a thin sheet of wood that I'd found at work and stained it dark brown. I printed out the words and used chalk and a pencil to transfer them on to the wood. Then I used my white Posca paint pen to go over the letters. A lot of people didn't even realise this was a DIY that cost me nothing!

For our card box I decorated a hamper basket. I attached a cards sign which I made by cutting out the letters on my Cricut, sticking them to some brown card along with some ribbon, and then pegging them to some twine which I tied to the corners of the basket lid. I added some fake flowers and a little wooden A and L that I'd painted white and attached chain to.

Photo by Paul Summerfield

I'd been given these 'A' and '&' letters a while ago, before I'd even met Andrew, and had held on to them, knowing they'd come in useful one day. I don't think at the time I thought it would be my wedding day!
It was easy enough to make an 'L' out of thick grey card and then spray it gold, along with the other letters so they all matched. These were displayed on the mantle of a fireplace in the bar of the venue.

Photo by Paul Summerfield
Our venue was styled in a way that meant we didn't need to provide many extra decorations. The things I made just added a bit of personalisation.

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