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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Mickey Mouse Ornaments 3 Ways

Today I'm sharing 3 ways to make a Mickey, or Minnie, Mouse Christmas ornament.

When looking through my stash of various baubles I found I had a few black ones. What do you do with black baubles? Make Micky Mouse of course! I had the perfect sized ones for the project.

I took two small baubles and cut the tops off, which I was able to do with a craft knife.

Then I used my hot glue gun to stick the small baubles to a larger one in the classic Micky ear formation.

I decided to make this into a Minnie Mouse ornament by adding a little hand made bow.

For the next ornament I asked my Mum to crochet around a bauble with red wool.

Then I cut out two pairs of red felt circles for the ears. I added red sequins and then sewed the circles together.

 I sewed the felt circles to the bauble, and then added red sequins to the rest of the bauble. You could just glue these but I decided to sew them on.

For this simplified Mickey Mouse ornament I asked my Mum to crochet round another bauble; half red and half black.

I made the felt circle ears out of black this time, and sewed them on. Then I took two white buttons and sewed them to the red section of the bauble.

This one could easily be made into a Minnie ornament by sewing white sequins, or buttons, all over the red section and adding a bow to the top.

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